For 2nd-5th Grade


Boys Club

A great time for older boys to play together! Activities will include Pokemon cards, sports cards, video games, pool, movies, and more.






Dance and Movement

This class is the perfect way for kids to enjoy learning the basics of dance in an active and creative way. Students will learn fun combinations, play movement games, and much more! Class is split into advanced and beginners.





Advanced Guitar

Students who have previously taken guitar will work on applying basic diagrams and tablature, and will work with time signatures, dynamics, melody, chords, and learn more advanced practice techniques. The class will conclude with a public performance. Students must bring their own guitar.




Big Soccer

This class is designed to fit the needs of more advanced players with scrimmaging and more complex skills learned, with an emphasis on strategy. Kids will have fun while learning important skills both on and off the soccer field!





Martial Arts

Students will learn defensive martial arts techniques that have been done for hundreds of years. These techniques will help them develop coordination to physically control their bodies, along with mental discipline of knowing when to use these techniques. The class will be taught by a professional black belt instructor.